The Mitochondrial Membranes Laboratory, LLM, starts up with the launching of the project Artificial Mitochondria for Health (ERC-2013-StG-338133). Thus the MML pursues the main objective on the design and the fabrication of new biomimetic drug delivery systems against mitochondrial diseases. Using biophysical and biochemical approaches, the MML is involved in developing three research lines:

  1. ATP sintetasa

    Artificial mitochondria

    Our main objective is the fabrication of artificial bio-inspired systems able to produce and release ATP within cells in the context of mitochondrial pathologies.

  2. Membrane biophysics

    We are interested on modeling and studying different membrane phenomena occurring in mitochondria (fusion and fission, ATP synthesis and translocation, membrane domains, membrane elasticity) to identify new therapeutic targets against mitochondrial diseases.


We acknowledge all funding agencies for their support:

  • Santander-UCM: PR26/16-10B-1. Estudio multidisciplinar de la estabilidad de biofilms de Pseudomonas fluorescens: mecánica, difusión y simulación.

  • European Research Council: ERC-2013-StG-338133: Artificial Mitochondria for Health. mitochon.
  • Spanish Ministry of Economy: FIS2015-70339-C2-1-R: Active Matter actuated by biological living polymers:
    from the microscopic stochasticity to the macroscopic mechanics through hydrodynamics.
  • Spanish Ministry of Economy: RYC-2013-12609. “Ramón y Cajal” tenure track program.
  • Spanish Ministry of Health: CD15/00190. “Sara Borrell” postdoc program.